Ta·ton+ka’ Clothing is for the people. 

It is clothing of resistance. Our designs are created with certain educational, inspirational, and motivational motives in mind.

This company was formed with newfound ideas and creative ambition to make an impact on today’s and tomorrow's seven generations. 

Positive vibes and artistic networking is what we hope to achieve. 

TATANKA CLOTHING is original and imaginative always pushing innovative new concepts for the people with free thought. We advocate independent thinking beyond the schoolyards of brainwashing institutions and media controlled propaganda. 

Tatanka Means Buffalo in Lakota. The Buffalo were brought to the people as a gift from the creator. They put the buffalo to use as a major resource in everyday life. Tatanka provided Clothing, housing, food, art, and tools for the people.

TATANKA CLOTHING is here to clothe the people with style once again.